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there's something about Mary's Kafe

Posted on 2010.02.26 at 13:43
(and I can hear you now *facepalm*-ing and groaning at the cliche)

I present to you my newest find: Mary's Kafe- a recommendation of my twitter friend @bentoset, who ate there on the 23rd Feb 2010.
from this friend, the only directions that my lil brain retained was "queen st, near Income bldg"
and so using those vague directions, I proceeded to traverse Queen's St in the hot sun and hazy air, to find this new culinary gem.

I'd wandered all the way to the road junction, before deciding to give up and "do" smu koufu, so I schlepped back the way I came, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD, which is how I came across the signboard of my objective. meh.

For those who don't want to get lost, seek ye the Kum Yan Methodist Church (behind Income Bldg) and the cafe which is to the side of the church building.

Mary's Kafe has a nice range of set meals (beginning at 12pm) for $7, which comes with a drink and dessert. and kueh pie tee as an optional side dish.

out of her entire menu range, Mary highly recommends the Chicken Curry Buah Keras [candlenut, not to be mistaken for Buah Keluak], which comes with a very tasty veggie side. The picture cannot do the curry justice, as it does not convey the sheer LEMAK-ness of the fragrant and slightly sweet mild curry. you'll just have to try it to believe me.

I had the lime juice and a sip immediately told me the limes were FRESHly squeezed, whilst the tiny but excellent bowl of pulot hitam was so thick that the spoon could stand sticking out of the thick dessert.

the trek to find mary's cafe is not difficult, if you have good directions, and the trip is definitely worth it!

Full of YTF at siglap's Fu Lin

Posted on 2010.02.23 at 01:01
This is the twitter account of one evening’s worth of adventure. It was supposed to be a simple trip to taste some fantastic coffee, which… bloomed into a safari of sorts.

5.45pm, 23 Feb 2010
• leaving neo-siberia. will go find some so-called yummy coffee and then remain offline tonight. aiming to sleep early. heh. c y'all tomr about 6 hours ago from web
• Injustice is getting out of the office only to spend 15 mins waiting 4 the bus. gah. about 6 hours ago from TweetSG
• To reach papa pahelta on days other than monday, via public transport, u need to know these nos 48 66 67 170 960. they close on mon. MLIA about 5 hours ago from TweetSG
• What can i there4 do to salve my ego but travel to east coast wirh buble jiving in my ear? hah! #nowplaying crazy lil thing calles love about 5 hours ago from TweetSG
• Was it buble or an example of audacity? i stole a pic of some1 =P about 5 hours ago from TweetSG
• And... does it mean I'm a closet SPG? heh heh about 5 hours ago from TweetSG
• Lol. perhaps i should have followed cute ang mo off teh bus. then i wouldnt be waiting @ nowhere for a bus going the oposite way about 4 hours ago from TweetSG
• Its so far up upp. east coast road that the planes fly low enough to make out the airline logo! about 4 hours ago from TweetSG
• Yea i like exploring and getting safely lost, but this is almost ludicrous! mlia about 4 hours ago from TweetSG
• Got down at the first sign of civilisation. thats y im having ytf dinnr at some place call fu lin, about 4 hours ago from TweetSG
• Cgilli is unlikr any ive tasted. so good im tying with my left so my rigjt is poised to dip again. hence misspellings. :) about 4 hours ago from TweetSG
• And u knoq how some places serve ytf ampanf style? the bak chor studded blckbean ampang sos rawks! RAWKS! about 4 hours ago from TweetSG
• Winding down the...(s)experience with a white coffee (eq of an ...after cig.) lol about 4 hours ago from TweetSG
• Im ruinrd for ordinary ytf. about 4 hours ago from TweetSG
• headed home. changing pace to rhythms del mundo for a chill ride home :) about 3 hours ago from TweetSG
• Till next time, fu lin tou fu yuen. (721 east coast rd -siglap) au revior! about 3 hours ago from TweetSG

May I now introduce you to Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen, which serves some awesome Yong Tau Fu!

For 3.60, you can buy 6 pieces of YTF, drenched in some marvellous sauce which wonderfully blends minced meat and black beans. The dish is complemented with some amazing chilli YTF sauce, the likes of which I’ve only tasted a pale comparison of from a Wu Xiang Hae Piah stall in Food Republic.

You can pick your YTF pieces from a wide array of very fresh looking ingredients, and have em fried crisp and delivered straight to your table. Though each piece is 10cents pricier than your average YTF stall, the prices here are justified by the sauce they turn up bathed in and the divine chilli dip.

If you want to try if out for yourself, head on down to the siglap area and seek 721 east coast rd to find the bright yellow signboard that proclaims the presence of Fu Lin Toufu Yuen!

the Bistro at the End of the Orchard

Posted on 2010.01.15 at 09:39
The Bistro at the edge of the Orchard

one fine saturday evening, I lured a friend to the border of the Orchard,
where there was a nice bistro which allows bookworms to refuel before
making further forays into Borders.

From their short pizza menu, we selected a Spicy Chicken pizza, and a Blue
Cheese Bacon pizza to share, and added a mint tea to sweeten the meal.

the mint tea turned up with little packets of honey, a little after our
starters of some warm and fragrant spinach bread. Then the pizzas arrived
and took our breath away. we could tell right off this was how Italian
pizza is sposed to be- skinny with a super-crispy, fragrant, and wood-fired

For the spicy chicken pizza, the base was pesto, and the chicken was
treated with a "special spicy marinade" which combined to deliver a potent
combination of flavour to nose and tongue alike.

meanwhile, the blue cheese bacon pizza just made us smile with the friendly
rings of hardboiled egg slices peeking coyly out from under a blanket of
melted blue cheese and bacon.

at under $17 per pizza, which managed to satisfy two gastronomes, Borders
Bistro is the place for an affordable outing with friends, as Borders
Bistro offers good food, classy ambience and discreetly efficient,
efficient service!

going the whole hog

Posted on 2010.01.02 at 22:00
Today was mom’s birthday, again. I decided to take her to Hogs Breath Café for dinner, as the restaurant was reputed to have rather awesome steaks and other food. We ended having a full slab of ribs, the jamaican chicken, and a daily special: cajun salmon with hollandaise sauce.

The thing I like about Aussie eating places is the large portions, and Hogs Breath Café certainly lived up to all my expectations. The Jamaican chicken turned up first, and the tangy salad side served to wake my tastebuds and whet my appetite for the meal to come. The Jamaican chicken was three juicy, tender, thick pieces of grilled chicken slathered with the unique Jamaican dressing. The sauce was reminiscent of satay sauce with a lil sambal mixed in, which is to say: a little nutty and spicy.

Next, the lightly pan fried salmon, and that massive slab of ribs turned up, just as the chicken was settling comfortably into my stomach, next to Hog Tail fries.

The Salmon fillet was nicely crisp outside, but tasted delightfully fresh and buttery with the hollandaise sauce. The generous spiral of mashed potato and some steamed veggies rounded out the dish.

The stuff I really like about today’s dinner has to be by far and away, the ribs! Those 9 lovely bones, they turned up under the cover of thick BBQ sauce, looking like a xylophone held together by tender, juicy meat. What impressed me was how easily and cleanly the meat slipped off the bones and danced on my tongue.

All in all, dinner was a success, as mom (and dad) was satisfied.

Dolce Dolce Dolce

Posted on 2009.12.31 at 10:19
Quattro Stagioni is Italian for Four Seasons, and Dolce means sweet. Put them
together and you get Quattro Stagioni Dolce- a cute little pink café, offering
various delectable desserts and limited seating for you to enjoy your just deserts.

This tiny pink gem was found tucked away in a corner of United Square (#01-16), and
will almost go unnoticed amongst the brighter F&B outlets next door. But, lucky for
you, my dessert-radar was turned on one day, and I decided to take a closer look at
my latest find to see what the cafe has on offer in their showcase.

As it turns out, the shop is an offshoot of the Quattro Stagioni Deli at Liang
Court, specialising in desserts. They have a nice range of confections including
éclairs, panna cotta and tiramisu, and their reportedly bestseller- the Opera Cake,
but also serve lasagne and pizza for those needing something savoury.

I decided to test the power of “crowd-sourcing” and find out if the café’s
bestseller truly was “best”, so I got myself an Opera Cake to round out my lunch.

Opera Cake mainly appeals to Chocolate addicts like me. On the outside, my eye was
given to rove the mars-like landscape of the cake surface which was actually a
liberal dusting of chocolate powder. Digging a little deeper, you will find that
the “dusty” surface hides a fragrant hazelnut cream and hit the first layer of
light and slightly dry chocolate sponge cake which leaves the tongue to concentrate
on the two dividing layers of rich chocolate ganache.

At $5.50, Opera Cake is an interesting trip for your tongue, and an affordable
indulgence to round out a nice meal, or make tea time enjoyable.


an Arch review...

Posted on 2008.04.07 at 15:30
Forget the Golden Arches; Go hunt down The Arch!

Somewhere in the middle of the row of shophouses that line Seah Street,
there is a lovely little restaurant with glass windows, where you can look
in a see people having a fine time eating the delicious authentic Peranakan
fare. I suggest you don't just stand out there salivating, but find out
JUST how delicious the food is.

The other night, the parents and I got ourselves seated at a table in this
posh-looking restaurant, and ordered the Chap Chye, the Ayam Buah Keluak,
their signature Ngoh Hgiam and decided to have a taste of their tempting
Sambal Belacan King Prawn.

The Ngoh Hgiam turned up first, the plump rolls sitting prettily in
their crispy brown skin upon a bed of shredded salad. They were accompanied
by little dishes of sambal belacan and sweet thai chili sauce which brought
out the taste of the mixed meat filling. ($8)

A steaming bowl of Nonya Chap Chye arrived next: a medium bowlful of
veggies that, by their soft texture, had simmered for quite some time in
the rich and dark tau cheonh gravy before arriving for dinner. ($8)

The ayam buah keluak came next, looking and tasting so amazing that
we quite forgot about every other dish on the table (and the one pending
arrival too). The Thhhhhhhick(!) dark sauce is almost 70% buah keluak but
there was lemongrass and some assam evident in the makeup of the gravy,
giving it that distinctive taste. the marvellous gravy made up a whopping
50% of the dish, with the rest being the generous portions of tender and
fleshy chicken. well... suffice to say that it tasted so good that cleaning
my plate of the last mote of gravy was a requirement and NOT cleaning up
the gravy in the bowl would have been a crime! ($12)

The last dish made it's dramatic entry whilst we were still in raptures
over the buah keluak gravy.

The Sambal Belacan King Prawns, in single file upon a bed of
shredded salad, finally made their entrance at dinner. These big prawns
were coated in a slightly oily but highly aromatic and tasty dressing of
hae bi hgiam dried with sambal belacan and egg. half the pleasure of eating
the prawns was in licking off this dressing, and the other half was in
biting into the fresh, plump prawns. ($13.80)

"Ahhhhhh, good!" is the only way to describe a meal there.

Service was prompt, friendly and attentive. You might be attended to by one
of the owners: Mikel or Sebastian Tan, who really know their menu and just
want you to enjoy your experience at the restaurant, so don't hesitate to
ask for tweaks to the dishes (less spicy, or more gravy, etc.). If you're
lucky, some theatre practioners might be eating there, to support their
friend, Sebastian Tan (Broadway Beng).

I really should'nt be telling you all this, since the restaurant is not the
most spacious of joints, and the food's so good that word will get around
about this place, and then there'll be full reservations since the month
before... but I've got their card to call for reservations, and you don't

The Arch is located at 32 Seah Street (opp Raffles Hotel)

carpe di..uh... restaurante

Posted on 2007.07.23 at 15:23
New York New York

is a restaurant with pictures of food that I lust after every time I walk past the place along Citilink Mall. so last Saturday I decided on a one ... er ... afternoon stand. *grin* I went in, my eyes filled with visions of a large juicy burger and their mushroom cappuccino.

But once I got a good look at the price of the large juicy burger ($26!) I quickly changed tack. Instead, I ordered their beefeater, which promised to be juicy and filling and most importantly, half the price of the mega burger. As an afterthought, I also ordered their signature Mushroom Cappuccino (soup)

The mushroom cappuccino is thick creamy soup that is 60% cream de mushroom and 40% roasted mushroom bits. creamy goodness till the last drop.

the beefeater was as advertised: lots of juicy, tender beef strips and salad and tomato slices sandwiched between tomato bread. mmm!

Pasta Fresca de Salvatore

is another place I pass by very often in my mother's wake. so today, I stepped into the restaurant on Sunday with ma in tow (instead!) and ordered a calzone.

(calzone pizzas, are your average pizza, just folded in half, curry puff style.) I love calzones because their sauces don't dry up like with pizzas. so... (theoretically) crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside.

their calzone/pizza are big enough for two light eaters to share, big enough for one big eater, or for two big eaters to snack on.

I ordered (crap. drawing a blank on the pizza name) something with pork salami, ham & mushrooms. it's a tomato based pizza, so it's a little tangy tasting.

and for kicks, I ordered a Tiramisu as a late afterthought. cream, cream, chocolate frosting on top, and fluffy cake in the middle with an aftertaste of coffee from the bottom layer. twas' good!

twas so good that ma was dropping subtle hints of a return visit!
yeah2, I get the picture.

edit: http://www.pastafresca.com/MenuPizza.html
found the name: Capricciosa. capice?!

I thought I'd never...

Posted on 2007.07.16 at 16:18
Current Mood: happyhappy
(1)... find something else interesting @ the Bras Basah Complex Food Court, but a friend told me about the dish, and described it in such loving detail that I JUST had to head for the kway chap stall to try the

Mei Cai Kong Ba!
(aka. preserved vegetables and braised pork)

the dish is preserved veggies drowned in some incredibly oily but tasty sauce, topped with large chunks of Kong Ba (braised fatty pork) that's been stewed in soya bean sauce until a) the oil from the pork fat has amalgamated with the sauce, b) until the meat is oh-so-tender. the mei cai sauce blends with the kong ba sauce into an oily amalgamation that surprisingly complements my bowl of yam rice well.

i could'nt help myself: I just kept siphoning off the oil, and ladling on the sauce to my rice before I ate it with the veggies. I did surgery on the meat chunks to remove the fat and let my teeth sink into the meat, and bathed a smaller chunk or four in the kway chap chilli.

$3 gets you the mei cai kong ba, and 50 cents more gets you a bowl of yam rice. 80 cents gets you a glass of hot plain tea to assauge the guilt of comsuming such an oily dish.

(2) ... find another Lei Cha stall in Singapore

but lo! I walked across the bridge from Chinatown Point to People's Park Centre and saw a large Lei Cha sign blinking at me from a stall called Hakka Zhong.

$3.50 gets you a typical dish of Lei Cha with brown rice. nothing outstanding, but it's nice to find another lei cha seller.

the place sells other hakka dishes. will investigate further when opportunities present themselves.

if (ever) I run out of buffet ideas...

Posted on 2007.07.11 at 08:57

1st july

almost in "celebration" of the GST hike, we (lilvalkrie & parents) hit Bakerzin at Milennia Walk to try something new, and good to eat.

we had the DIY pasta, where you can "design" your pasta dish: choose pasta, ingredients, and sauce. the deal comes with illy coffee.

so we chose we ate and we drank. and found no space in the stomach for Bakerzin's tantalising cakes. :(

their cream sauce is SO THICK you can feel your arteries clogging just by looking at it! they have an interesting combination sauce that they call "Pink sauce" which is tomato + cheese.

for the price of 9.95, I have no complaints, except for the ones my full stomach made.

2nd July
Life style cafe @ the Concourse

found a nice little cafe at the Concourse selling peranakan dishes.

they're a little stingy with the oily Buah Keluak gravy, but the gravy is thick and tasty, and complemented the generous portions of juicy chicken

$5.40-6.80 gets you a good range of Peranakan dishes served in individual portions.

4th July
Straits Cafe, Hotel Rondevous.

this is one of those high-budget buffets that I've wanted to try for the longest time. so I dragged the parents to lunch there.

and boy, am I glad I did! there's so many dishes on offer, I'll just list the highlights. no review can do justice! just go there and eat; you will not regret doing so (until you step on the scales again).

asparagus salad; seafood salad; fish braised in light soya sauce; curry crab; sharks fin soup; salmon sashimi; agedashi toufu; chocolate fondue; chocolate pralines; dark chocolate mousse; dark chocolate "tart"; durian cake; hot blueberry crumble pie + ice cream;

7th July

Oishi Hokkaido fair

1) Butter Manju Cake
bought 5 of the red bean and 5 of the sweet cream cakes. queued for 15 mins (or 2 chapters of St Vidicon to the Rescue by Christopher Stasheff), squeezed through the crowd of hungry people, got my cakes. mmm mmm yumm! the cream ones are my favourite!

2) tried the pumpkin and curry croquette
crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. the pumpkin filling stays sweet on the tongue.

8th July

Billy Bombers @ the Cathay

I love their steak. Just their steak. but beacause the parents can't chew so well anymore, I ended up with 80% of the steak to myself, while they split the ole fish and Chips and the black pepper chicken amongst themselves.

the steak comes with potato salad and a generous helping of spinach cream (soft spinach with a creamy "dressing").

the best part is, as a UOB card member, I get free waffles topped with ice-cream with each main course ordered. so... imagine: warm, crispy waffles, with a big scoop of chocolate ice-cream, with chocolate sauce drizzled on the whole dessert.

Out of the Pan

I got a treat from my aunt at Out of the Pan, a crepe restaurant.

I'll just list the dishes I like: Otak Prawn, Korean BBQ chicken and Norwegian Salmon. their tutti fruity salad is juicy and luscious at the same time. Ces't magnifique! and Ces't free. :)


and thus endeth my excellent gastronomic week.
i've eaten too much and entirely too well, and so today marks the restart of my eat-lite initiative, which is why I write this during lunch time. :)

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